Social Upskilling

Empower your talent to craft authentic, compelling, and impactful social content.

Transform your team into a powerhouse of productivity, creativity, and impact.

We equip social media managers, marketing teams, business leaders, and agencies with the knowledge and confidence to execute exceptional social campaigns.

Our workshops are tailored to your needs to deliver actionable strategies, captivating content, and a roadmap for enduring brand relevance. Whether it’s focused sessions, ongoing weekly workshops, or personalised training programs, we adapt for your growth.

Here's How...

Turbocharge content with AI

Harness our expertise and AI-driven tools to craft culturally relevant, customer-centric narratives tailored to your audience niches and brand style.

Elevate Production

Learn streamlined content sequencing for effortless in-house video production. From optimising content for platforms to developing engaging edits, we guide you through.

Enhance Engagement

Master the art of timing and adaptability for maximum growth, and learn how to interpret analytical reports so you can begin deploying ads using top-performing content.

Maximise Outcomes

Unlock smarter ad spending through data-driven insights and strategic adjustments. Learn how to analyse performance and refine content for continual improvement.

Optional Add-Ons

Why Severa?

Severa is led by TikTok superstar Seva Mozhaev. Sev has leveraged TikTok and other social platforms to amass a huge following, going beyond vanity metrics to convert this engagement into several highly successful businesses. Reach is one thing, generating actual business results is another. 

We use this insight to teach businesses and creatives how to leverage social engagement and turn it into sales. Our tactics aren’t just talk —they’ve been proven to amplify brand impact and drive sales to make social media work smarter and harder for you. 

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Let’s talk about how we can empower you with the tools to create authentic, compelling, and high-impact social content that elevates your business. 

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Who can benefit from Social Upskilling workshops?

Our workshops are designed for social media managers, marketing teams, business leaders, agencies, and anyone seeking to enhance their social media prowess and drive impactful campaigns.

None. We can tailor sessions to suit your experience level and knowledge. 

Expect tailor-made sessions offering actionable strategies, content that captivates, and a roadmap for long-term brand relevance. We adapt workshops to your specific needs, offering focused sessions, ongoing weekly workshops, or personalised training programs.