Creative Workshops

Master AI tools, craft captivating hooks, and unleash infinite creativity to fuel your content pipeline.

Unleash up to 100 creative concepts in a single session!

Revolutionise your content creation process with expert guidance and AI-powered ingenuity.

Discover the power of AI in crafting culturally rich, customer-centric content at an unparalleled scale and pace through our content workshops.

Say goodbye to expensive outsourcing or mediocre outcomes. Generate incredible results and optimise your processes, liberating time wasted on creative hurdles for business development and innovation. 

How We Supercharge Your Content:

Become an AI Master

Learn to wield AI tools adeptly, generating a plethora of ideas meticulously tailored to address your audience’s unique challenges.

Craft Curiosity-Driven Hooks

Master the art of crafting captivating hooks that ignite curiosity and drive engagement by contextualising ideas.

Unleash Infinite Creativity

Dive into an endless pool of ideas, fostering unlimited creative possibilities. Fuel your content pipeline with diverse and lightning-speed concepts.

Simplified High-Quality Production

Gain expertise in planning, staging, and shooting social video content in-house without compromising on production quality. 

Optional Add-Ons

Why Severa?

Severa is led by TikTok superstar Seva Mozhaev. Sev has leveraged TikTok and other social platforms to amass a huge following, going beyond vanity metrics to convert this engagement into several highly successful businesses. Reach is one thing, generating actual business results is another. 

We use this insight to teach businesses and creatives how to leverage social engagement and turn it into sales. Our tactics aren’t just talk —they’ve been proven to amplify brand impact and drive sales to make social media work smarter and harder for you. 

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Who can benefit from Creative Workshops?

Our workshops cater to individuals, businesses, marketing teams, and agencies seeking to elevate their content creation process and unlock new ideas.

AI tools generate tailored ideas, optimise content for diverse audiences and platforms, and streamline processes for efficiency. They enhance creativity and personalisation while providing predictive insights, revolutionising your content strategy.

Led by TikTok superstar Seva Mozhaev, Severa’s insights come from real-world results in successful businesses that have grown via social engagement.