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I need more visual assets

Our squad of seasoned social experts have mastered the art of short-form video production. 

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Our studio is immaculately presented and comes equipped with the latest gear. 

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Transform your team into a powerhouse of productivity, creativity, and impact.

I need to streamline content generation

Our tool, Scriptik, will completely transform your content creation process.

Why Severa?

Led by TikTok luminary Seva Mozhaev, SevEra transforms social engagement into business success.

Sev has leveraged TikTok and other social platforms to amass a huge following, going beyond vanity metrics to convert this engagement into several highly successful businesses. Reach is one thing, generating actual business results is another. 

We use this insight to teach businesses and creatives how to leverage social engagement and turn it into sales. Our tactics aren’t just talk —they’ve been proven to amplify brand impact and drive sales to make social media work smarter and harder for you. 

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